Anytime Home Security
Re-use Extra Phone
Easy to Have Your Home Security
2 Phones+1 SoftCam Number+1 FreePP Account
Download FreePP APP,
call SoftCam number,
enter Pin-code, and enjoy it.
Download SoftCam APP,
auto-create SoftCam number,
and set Pin-code to complete settings.
Free Video Calls Without Borders
FreePP APP plus SoftCam, you may make a video call to elders, children,
and pets anywhere anytime.
Easy Share Your SoftCam via Social Media
Click "Share"
Choose social media
Auto-send your SoftCam number and Pin-code
SoftCam Features
  • Monitor your home anywhere anytime
  • Two-way audio calls via WiFi or 3G/4G
  • Re-use extra phone
  • Auto-create SoftCam number
  • Change Pin-code anytime
  • Lag-free
  • Multi-voice channels available
  • SoftCam number share
  • Free download
SoftCam APP Easy Setup
One step to create SoftCam number
Click "get a number"
Auto-create SoftCam number
Set Pin-code
Set Pin-code
Enter 4 digits for your Pin-code
Your SoftCam number and Pin-code
will show on the screen.
SoftCam setup complete.
Download Now!
About SoftCam
Softcam makes your old extra phones useful.
All you have to do is to download SoftCam APP and complete setup,
turning your old extra phones into modern home security system.
Call SoftCam number and enter Pin-code, the camera on your old extra phone will auto-trun on.
Easily monitor your home anywhere anytime.
Welcome to email us for any suggestions!
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